Roland System-8

Cover art for Roland System-8 bank Mysticism

Mystic System

Mysticism for the Roland System-8 is an organic blend of 64 mystical atmospheres, harmonically rich instruments and glassy pads – with a dollop of icy FM. Exclusively designed by Soundsauca.

ACB Mysteries

Welcome to Mysticism, a new and abstract sound bank for the Roland System-8, proudly designed by Soundsauca. Diverging from the well trodden path of analog emulations and 80’s retro remakes, Mysticism takes your System-8 on a left field journey deep into Roland’s ACB synth engine. Utilising its refined oscillator algorithms, iridescent filters and effects, and immersing them into a mystical world of swirling sonic adventure!

The System-8 is already packed full of vintage Jupiter Juno & JX tones, and that’s where this sound bank’s possibilities only begin!

Sideband Sensations

Without a doubt the sideband filter types are my favourite System-8 feature. With it, colourful glassy fragments smear downwards in sounds like “Forest Glade”, whilst the distant undulation of the title preset – “Mysticism” softly absorbs your sonic senses. “Lost Sailors” conjures aquatic memories of times gone by, whereas “Space Tapestry” sews together newer sci-fi arpeggios.

Formant Fondants

Another sweet feature with the System-8 is the formant filters, which enable vowel like textures to be imparted on the synths oscillators. I’m palpably (sad I know!) proud of the preset “Sith Lord” with it’s deep and sinister whispers that Emperor Palpatine might hold a light sabre to,  and “Formant Fairies” which might fit nicely into some EDM genre or other. Whilst another highlight is “Ahh 1080”, but steady on man… leave that JV alone!

Frequenting FM

FM on the System-8 is FM for the rest of us. It’s refreshing to be able to get many of the best FM timbres and process them through the S-8’s filters and FX. Beautiful EPs like “Much is Clear” and “Ellie Scolding” hold up next to deep ambiences such as “Ionospheres” and “Stella Sails”.

There’s more to discover, with a JD-990 sound or two creeping in! But I will shut up with my superlative laden prose and let you decide below with the audio demos.


Please Note

Since launching this sound bank I have learnt that the import process for the hardware synth version is quite convoluted. As Roland doesn’t permit a sysex dump each sound needs to be imported separately. This is not the case if using the Roland Cloud plugin which allows for transmission and reception of banks of sounds. If you need any help at all before or after purchase I’m only too happy to help. Please use the contact form if you need any further information.


  • 64 single presets included
  • Beautiful EPs
  • Mystical drones
  • Aquatic Atmospheres
  • Works with Roland Cloud System-8 plugin
  • Compatible with System-8 hardware (I am unable to test this)

Patch List

  1. Ctrl Alt Future
  2. Das Glockenspiel
  3. Forest Glade
  4. Cap Discharge
  5. Spring Thaw
  6. Space Hulk
  7. Greenland
  8. Meadow Magic
  9. Silent Night
  10. Ballerianz
  11. Tibetan Bells
  12. Tube Tropics
  13. Peaks Twin
  14. Clara’s Magic
  15. FM Artifacts
  16. Electric Drizzle
  17. Palace Halls
  18. Maraculous
  19. Chamber 666
  20. Sith Choir
  21. Sideband Shiva
  22. Bermuda Skies
  23. Sawing Orbz
  24. Junes Strings
  25. Formant Fairies
  26. Eddie Ella
  27. Stella Sails
  28. Solarium
  29. SubStrings
  30. JD Jetstream
  31. Enchantement
  32. Space Tapestry
  33. Spaceport 5
  34. Drive Dive
  35. Cliché Classique
  36. E Gange
  37. Sunrise
  38. Picky Git
  39. Unsuitable
  40. Café Med
  41. Twango
  42. Amonica
  43. Frozen Oxbows
  44. Seven Doves
  45. Ionospheres
  46. Rainbow Syrup
  47. Twilight Crescent
  48. Ellie Scolding
  49. Lost Sailors
  50. Someways
  51. Sorry States
  52. Endless Aqua
  53. Mysticism
  54. Ahh 1080
  55. Sine Drops
  56. Circuit Station
  57. Polestar
  58. Phased Out
  59. Glass Pennies
  60. Left D
  61. Sideband-X
  62. Much is Clear
  63. Thick Bin
  64. Radiation Belt