Korg Monologue

Front cover of the Monospace sound bank for the Korg Monologue

Saucy Analog

An in yer face collection of motion sequenced fun for the Korg Monologue. Dirty acidic tones rub shoulders with brash leads, rhythmical stutters, fuzzy step sequences and alien zaps.

Sofa Synth

Armed with some headphones, a fistful of batteries and my Korg Monologue I snuck myself away under lockdown to make Monospace. Taming it’s beefy analog tones whilst twisting out motion sequences was so much fun! All with trademark Monologue dirt.

Things open with “Monospace” and its monolithic gongs, perfect for mystical atmospheres, whilst “Monotalk” gives the Monologue’s audio rate lfo a talking to. “Strymonski” cries out for a galactic reverb to fill up its tip toed audio. And my favourite patch, “Solitude” is a warm and fuzzy preset where the lfo inter-modulates with the drive – lovely stuff! “MonoFayre” bursts out with its horn filled slides, whilst “Saturn III” demonstrates more angular acid tones.

Log Jams

The Korg Monologue is adept at thick solid basses and leads but the motion sequencer is the party piece for me. Endless hours on it yields piles of variations and starting points for further experimentation. It was hard to know where to stop as I just kept on tweaking!



  • 50 Presets included
  • Dirty acid
  • Fuzzy motion sequences
  • Key triggered riffs
  • Busted beat boxes

Patch List

  1. Monospace
  2. Wubagroova
  3. Rave Pulses
  4. Agoraphobia
  5. Needledirt
  6. WubbaCheex
  7. DirtBlox
  8. Sicksaw
  9. Angularity
  10. GoaOrgy
  11. Mechanizr
  12. Monotalk
  13. B-Glint
  14. Strymonski
  15. Meanderthal
  16. Plasticity
  17. Bustadrumz
  18. Androminoid
  19. NeedsRepeat
  20. Solitude
  21. Squawka
  22. Throbbe
  23. Whoppa
  24. SmudgyBlox
  25. AstraFlux
  26. LardGlitch’
  27. Dry Plux
  28. M-Rated
  29. PulseKi
  30. Needlenose
  31. MonoFayre
  32. Noob
  33. StrungUp
  34. Pocket OP
  35. Zap Space
  36. SyncRate
  37. Roktator
  38. Omen
  39. Octoblocker
  40. Silvasmitha
  41. Together We
  42. Saturn III
  43. Blinder 22
  44. Volcalogue
  45. FreqMotion
  46. Getaway
  47. QuackAttack
  48. Acid Ghosts
  49. Undercover
  50. HyperBrake