Korg Modwave

Image of the cover of the Modwave soundset Modscapes

Smile & Wave!

A shimmering ocean of timbres emanating from the eclectic Korg Modwave. Cosmic vistas fuse to a melting pot of majestic mod-sequences.

Modsauce? (too saucy), Modweava? (hmm – weavy), Modstates? (confusing), Moonscapes (wot? nah…) Modscapes – as in soundscapes & modwaves. That’s it! Phew – that took some time, let alone the sounds…

I would probably describe this bank as Tech Ambience (Techbient! is that a genre yet, if not maybe I’ll make one;) Featuring 64 performances, all with Kaoss pad and mod knobs assigned. The majority are dual layer or split, so the patches included are also available separately, along with a plethora of extra bits & pieces that didn’t make the demo.

Whilst predominantly laid back, there’s also some tougher tones here too, “Space Trash” anyone, or maybe “Subteranica”? But most of my patches explore the beautiful sonics made possible with some of Modwave’s more esoteric features. “LE Stargazer” takes some of those awesome modwave synth textures, layering it with self resonating arpeggios. “Icecaps” combines twinkling wavetable undulations with a piano.

Things get the trippy treatment with “MSD” along and “Fayre Trip” – says it all really.

In Motion

Motion sequences abound, but my favourite sounds like it’s right out of a Wavestate. “Modstation” is a lush pad with a drifting timbral texture, a nod to its family pedigree.

I read a post somewhere that MW didn’t have a real aggressive distortion sound. “Wrecka 3” gets the job done in 60 different wave shaped ways if distorted acid is your thing.

Full disclosure

The demo was created with the modwave native plugin version. As much as I mulled over getting the hardware, I couldn’t financially justify it at the time. Sounds were played, sequenced, arranged & recorded in Logic Pro X @ 44.1 kHz. A limiter was used on the master but no external effects. Some sounds are overdubbed to allow for the demo to flow. Some fades/cuts are used for the same reason. Hope that’s cool:)



64 sounds for twenty quid – your other banks of 64 are £15? Well to put it succinctly, this soundset took me a lot of time. Modwave is a big synth. I hadn’t released anything for a while and so I went all in on creating for the Modwave. You get the 104 patches used in these performances separately. I’ve also included about 85 extra performances that didn’t get the polish for the bank. These don’t all feature all the knob/pad assignments etc, although many do.

It’s one of those synths – you can stay on the straight & narrow and get perfectly serviceable and beautiful stuff. You can also go real deep and get consumed by the almost endless possibilities. I chose the later! 100s of experiments later and I culled it down to the ones I liked most. Since the majority of the performances are actually 2 patches I figured that it was worth that bit more.


I’ve tested these on my plugin version. I think it’s fairly straightforward to load into the hardware.

Enough with the circus fluff though, have a listen below and hear what you like!


  • 64 Performances
  • 104 separate patches from the performances
  • 85 extra performances that didn’t make it!
  • Stock samples
  • Stock wavetables

Patch List

Performances (dual programs in italics).

  1. Spiritua (Organisms, High Flutter)
  2. Fairy Despots (Fairy Tiptoe, Alpha Stab)
  3. Despot Drums (Guru Kick, Sidestick Hats)
  4. GrungeTripper
  5. Re:Bourne
  6. D-Pluck Pad (D-Pluck, Haunting Pad)
  7. Atlas Doll (Atlas Arp, Atlas Pad)
  8. Evergreen
  9. Course Correction (Cyclix, Entangle)
  10. Space Trash (Are you…, Here?)
  11. Arctic Eden (Arctic Keys, Eden)
  12. DX-101 (SH-Seq, Wobble Rhythm)
  13. Subteranica (Terrania, Thick Pulse)
  14. Krrbie:) (Syrupsaw, Compu Arp)
  15. Endless Flux
  16. Emineeza Hoovar (MS Hoova, BBE Offbeat)
  17. Ice Trance (Retro Vox, Tweeter Drive)
  18. Gentle Grind
  19. Finding Dora (Dora Arp, Dora Pad)
  20. Majesty (Majestic Pad, Cascade)
  21. Twinkles
  22. On the Rocks (Mary Rose, Aqua Steps)
  23. Apparition (Gargantua, Atonement)
  24. Dry Diamonds (Dry Ice, Diamond Six)
  25. Nordicles (Nordic Lead, Seventh Heaven)
  26. Entanglement
  27. Bagpipe Trip
  28. Stop & Go (Stop & Go, Xtra Orbs {unused})
  30. Abductor (Abductor Arp, Abductor Seq)
  31. SandPhat (Sandy digits, Phat Land)
  32. Worldwide Ultimatum
  33. R A W S E E X (R A W S E E K, Skippy Beat)
  34. Darth Modwave
  35. TrashC
  36. GrungeMuncha (Grunge One, Grunge Two)
  37. Gringing (Gringe Bass, modkick one)
  38. EchoWan (Psy Psequence, Dry fat)
  39. Psymodwave
  40. MS Menace
  41. ModStation (White Sands, Modstates)
  42. Mod Story (Clavicles, Gentle Flange)
  43. Civilisations (Toca-Me, Civilisations)
  44. Agroculture (Agroculture, Melanocytes)
  45. Lifeforms (Solar Ice, Lifeforms)
  46. Sunny Water (Sunny EP, Warbly Water)
  47. Vibra Steps
  48. The Ark (The Rain, The Ark)
  49. GlossyMod (Glossymod, FlickerChime)
  50. Underworlds (Swallow Bass, Underworlds)
  51. Endless Far
  52. Fayre Trip (Bellstrobe, Fading Choir)
  53. Wave Glitch (Simple pad, Glitch States)
  54. Icecaps (Bright Piano, Seaspray)
  55. Summer Sawfish (Sawfish, Summer High)
  56. Clear Conscious
  57. Poly Profiterole
  58. MSD
  59. Galactic Gravel
  60. RV Stabbr
  61. Pandemic Pluck
  62. Storybooks (Storybooks, Side 2 side)
  63. LE Stargazer (Stargazer A/B)
  64. Wrecka 3