Lightning Leads

Roland System-1


The final chapter of Roland’s System-1 is here! Reload your green machine one last time with 192 striking presets. Armour piercing leads, tough drums, FX & lots more.

Well this is it, the end of the road as they say. The fourth and final season is here. Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened. Now I know what you’re thinking; “another soundset” for that green monstrosity. Yep damn straight it is. But unlike some film series, I think the best has been saved for last.

192 patches you say?!

This sound bank (funnily enough) features some of the best leads I’ve created with this synth. Officially 64 – this lightning bunch is inspired by my youthful 90’s and has everything from mellowed out plucks and wormy leads, to leads sharper than razor wire. Tortured slabs and stabs are delivered with aplomb, whilst classic trance arps & keys are there for when you need them. On top of this there’s a second bank with another 64 patches featuring more iconic System-1 sounds.

To round things off there’s even a third bank of 64, with some hard hitting percussion, some Soundsauca atmospherics and a few new basses too. It’s nearly got it all as they say. But – there’s more! Since this will be the last patch bank with my trusty System-1, I’ve thrown in a load of my sound experiments & effects I’ve made over the years. A party popper sound, yep it has it. A convincing Vuvuzela, sure thing! Also the samples of the drum patches used in the demo are included. They’re still available as patches if you wish to tweak or re-tune.


Like my kids, I don’t have favourites, but here’s a few that caught my ears:

  • “Nine PM” – Not a 1 for 1 but it has that vibe. Perfect for a Peggy Gou jam!
  • “Felix Fix” – A not too shabby Roland JX-1 Rock Organ B,
  • “Acid Dog” – The XL bully of the System-1, brutal…
  • “PianoGal” – Old skool house piano,
  • “WAOW!” – Well wow,
  • “Bebé Tempa” – Awfully bad but had to stay in,
  • “Solar Pluck” – Really trancy & glassy pluck

The end

As I’ve said a few times before. S-1 is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s so easy to sit down with, fiddle around and come up with inspirational stuff. The panel is near perfect, the keys though – quite the opposite! However I decided as it’s around a decade since green briefly became the new grey, that I’d finish on a high note. There’s always more to discover in a synth so I’m not saying this is all I could get from it, but time to move on it is.


Demo & content

The demo for Lightning Leads is a little different to my others. I figured I’d treat it as a little bit of a send off, so I multitracked some sounds and layered them up to achieve stereo spread. I know some people in the synth fraternity will be shaking their knobs in disgust. To make matters worse I used one or two plugins like Xfers LFO tool and Devious machines Infiltrator at choice moments. LFO tool was used for some brief side-chaining, really needed when I layered some sounds. Infiltrator was only used on some additional samples not from the System-1. And then there’s a few 3rd party sample loops, a vocal and some pitch fades in Logic X.

The release comes with all the patches from the demo, along with the drum sounds. These drums are also provided as samples for convenience. As a bonus there’s extra patches from my journeys with the System-1.

To be clear, I won’t make a habit of doing this, but sometimes it’s nice to use the sounds in a mix context. I like to view my videos as a showcase, so anything goes really, but I endeavour to be transparent about what I do as I know some use them to help with purchasing decisions.


There are some sounds that have a limited range of play. Others may be slightly “off”. It’s a consequence of me using the X-mod (frequency cross modulation between the oscillators). The thing is this, System-1 (like some analogs) is really great at making timbres & textures. Sampling these and re-using them is also a great technique.

The cross mod works like a real analog synth and with some settings, pitch tuning becomes an issue. Sometimes it’s minor, other times it can really go out of whack. Since oscillator 1 cannot be independently tuned (as on the System-8) there’s little workarounds.

The vast majority of the main leads are in tune, but some more experimental sounds and pianos can be out. I have tried hard to tune them in the plugin version, however on testing when sending to the hardware, tuning is global. YMMV but I’d rather use the functions and push things to discover timbres instead of limiting things. I hope you understand:)

Bundle & Price

This soundset is a new release and as such stands on its own. It contains more content than a single previous System-1 banks (64 patches), or the bundle (192 total patches) and as such is only available separately. I thought hard about this. If I created “another” bundle, previous purchasers would likely feel hard done by. It would be difficult for me (at least) to create another upgrade path for those people, so I tried to keep it simple and above all fair.

As always, I think the time gone in to the whole project vs the asking price is a good deal;)



  • 192 sounds total! (3 banks)
  • 64 patches from the Youtube demo
  • 64 leads & other sounds:)
  • AND another 64 sounds (drums & others)
  • Drum samples…mmm!

Patch List

  1. Pianific
  2. Seagulls
  3. Ruff Belle
  4. Nine PM
  5. Drained Out
  6. Sparkla 195
  7. Solar Pluck
  8. Poisoned
  9. Time’s Up!
  10. Noizeous
  11. Fibatron
  12. Psycotix
  13. ChooChew
  14. TranceXpress
  15. Nasal Lead
  16. Bebé Tempa
  17. Keef
  18. DireSatisfaction
  19. 2-Face Plucka
  20. Slippery Birth
  21. Coral Reefa
  22. Polerate
  23. Ghostal Water
  24. Of Corsten
  25. Gouda-7
  26. P-Wave
  27. WAOW! C4
  28. Metabella
  29. Juna Bay
  30. Afterglow
  31. U Wanna?
  32. San Andreas
  33. JX
  34. Stormy Scatter
  35. Base State
  36. RipRoar
  37. Mentasm
  38. Acid Dog
  39. Scramble
  40. Logic 3
  41. Timelimited
  42. Poland Plink
  43. Key System
  44. Left Stab
  45. Prodigy Cubed
  46. Sines of worry
  47. Le Crunch 5
  48. Motoweeva
  49. Organ Drift
  50. Wailer
  51. Metamoova
  52. Helios
  53. Twanged
  54. No Good
  55. Hell Hole
  56. Parade
  57. Intertraction
  58. Felix Fix
  59. FX DrillDown
  60. Float ’91
  61. Seeking Silver
  62. Chance Horns
  63. SupaJupa
  64. PianoGal

Lightning Extras

  1. Hospital
  2. Huskasaws
  3. Howlett
  4. Cybr Syncs
  5. Quivers
  6. Hard Graft
  7. Harfarse
  8. TrippUpper
  9. SplatterDown
  10. Atonal Stab
  11. Scratchy Pluck
  12. Trip 2 Moon
  13. Vax
  14. SQ Storm
  15. Magic Friends
  16. Corsten Clsx
  17. Don’t want it
  18. Feeling Plucky
  19. Vuvuzella
  20. Soft Sync
  21. Cartoon Raver
  22. Happiness 1
  23. Happiness 2
  24. Grindard
  25. 8 Grand
  26. CrumbleQuake
  27. Evil Spirits
  28. G-Tick
  29. Sample Me
  30. PulsaRipple
  31. Everybody
  32. H=Core Worm
  33. ElectricString
  34. Unicycle
  35. Traffic Jam
  36. ConVincing?
  37. OrbitStab
  38. Hyper Fifth
  39. Dodgy Orgy
  40. MotorBoat
  41. Vengea
  42. Danger Mau5
  43. Sync Hole
  44. Plucked Ambience
  45. ChunkeeLogic
  46. Metalix
  47. Boobley
  48. Mellow Ripple
  49. Spectravox
  50. Left Behind
  51. Digitz
  52. Slurpee
  53. Not Good Enough
  54. Floating
  55. Sandstorm
  56. Get Some
  57. Fu$$ing Messy
  58. Rip3
  59. Hollow Bass
  60. SupersawStab
  61. Outatune Pad
  62. Noisia
  63. Aliazor
  64. Full Thrust

Lightning Drums

  1. 1Clap
  2. 2Clap
  3. 3Clap
  4. 4Clap
  5. 5Clap
  6. 6Clap
  7. 7Clap
  8. 8Clap
  9. 9Clap
  10. 9Clap 2
  11. 10Clap
  12. 11Clap
  13. 12Clap
  14. DroneK 01
  15. DroneK 02
  16. Nine Kik
  17. K-9
  18. K-10
  19. K-11
  20. Plasti-Kick
  21. Ruffdrum
  22. Kick Ass 1 G#1
  23. Kick Ass 2 G#1
  24. Kick Ass 3 G#1
  25. Kick Ass 3
  26. Metahat Clsd
  27. Metahat Opn
  28. Rides3
  29. Pulsk
  30. Rides 01
  31. White Snare
  32. Cowbell 01
  33. Tomtommy
  34. Xylonia
  35. Hissy Hat 01
  36. Hissy Hat 02 F2
  37. Hissy Hat 03 F2
  38. Hissy Hat 04 F2
  39. Hissy Hat 05 F2
  40. F#Alarm
  41. Tape Warbler
  42. Crush Puck
  43. SL Puck
  44. Dippered
  45. Goated
  46. Reed Piano
  47. Eyes Closed
  48. Acid Sys
  49. Whipup
  50. Smashed
  51. Organism
  52. Triptomine
  53. Fats
  54. Space End
  55. Felix Fixed
  56. Felix Sharp
  57. Felix Dry
  58. Electrocution 03
  59. Noise Smash
  60. Cargo Bay Door
  61. Vibrational
  62. DT Bells
  63. Crystal Pizz
  64. Dirty Dubs