Cosmic Arps

Roland System-1

Cosmic Arps System-1 sound bank artwork

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Set Synth to Scatter

A Roland System-1 sound bank designed for unearthly audio contortions that only the little green machine can provide. Let loose your arp and get ready for slice & dice!

Scattered sonics are combined with classic melodic arpeggios and effects. Whilst the System-1 has been superseded by its big brother, the System-8. The System-8 dropped the scatter function to probably appear a more “serious” synthesizer. I find the scatter to be more interesting than at first glance because it affects synth parameters, as opposed to DSP scatter effects on the TR-8 and TB-3. I took advantage of this feature and added randomisation to many of the sounds in the sound bank.

There is something for everyone here, with some beautiful bells and softer sounds, to some more random and aggressive patches.

I created these sounds with the Roland Cloud plugin version and have tested them with my hardware System-1. As I don’t have access to a System-1m rack version, I would presume there would be some differences due to the fact the System-1m doesn’t have an arpeggiator or the scatter function.



  • 64 Patches included
  • 8 x Sequence arps
  • 54 x Arpeggio sounds
  • 2 x Rhythmic patches
  • Tested on System 1 Plugout/Hardware

Patch List

  1. Swedish Shine
  2. Neptune Seas
  3. Neutron Drops
  4. Space Wings
  5. Vocal Run
  6. Back Home
  7. The Void
  8. Ice Cave
  9. Logic Petals
  10. Lonely Place
  11. Music Box
  12. Space Echos
  13. Deep Blue
  14. Clear Mind
  15. First Snow
  16. Orbitron
  17. Astral Voyage
  18. Halls of PWM
  19. Rendezvous
  20. Gloopy Gravity
  21. Pacific Shore
  22. Wonderpluck
  23. Clockwork
  24. Silver Skies
  25. Electrologic
  26. Mutator
  27. Ring Fight
  28. Silver Cycle
  29. Shpongle
  30. Goa Spheres
  31. Anatolic
  32. Brute Silica
  33. Danger Run
  34. Rubba Ducka
  35. Twang slip
  36. Clock Divider
  37. Gravel Pulses
  38. Oxygrit
  39. Toymaker
  40. System Tribe
  41. Cowbell Hero
  42. XtraComms
  43. Electrotribe
  44. Bubble Box
  45. Sliced Trance
  46. Snappy Growl
  47. Silica Wind
  48. Centrifuge
  49. Moog Smudge
  50. Throbber
  51. Lazar Fuzz
  52. Crackly Sync
  53. Tractor Beam
  54. Particle Spin
  55. Implant
  56. Acid Racer
  57. Supa Drippa
  58. Arcade Acid
  59. Dakota
  60. Brute Factor 3
  61. Intensify
  62. SQ Eater
  63. Trill Story
  64. Liquid Error