Cover art for Roland System-8 bank Mysticism

Mysticism for the Roland System-8 is an organic blend of 64 mystical atmospheres, harmonically rich instruments and glassy pads – with a dollop of icy FM. Exclusively designed by Soundsauca.

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Shapeshifta sound bank artwork for the Roland SH-32

Shapeshifta for the Roland SH-32 features 64 luscious ambiences and rich analog strings. Trippy leads and FX mutate into ear bleeding slabs of urban audio. For your tweaking pleasure!

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Cosmic Arps System-1 sound bank artwork

A Roland System-1 sound bank designed for unearthly audio contortions that only the little green machine can provide. Let loose your arp and get ready for slice & dice!

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Superluminal JD-990 sound bank artwork

A collection of 64 finely crafted JD-990 patches. Take the deep dive into the 990’s synthesis, hearing its classic history along with futuristic sound impressions.

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