Micromonsta 2

Audiothingies Micromonsta 2 - Mojo Artwork

Monsta Synth

Mojo for the Audiothingies Micromonsta 2. A tour de force over 50 presets. Blazing arps, lazer leads, gooey basses, plucky plucks and stringy strings.

Mojo is a brand new sound bank for the awesome pint size synth that is Micromonsta 2. Whilst the rest of the synth world rejoices in new little gadgets from “Brand-X”, this little Monsta delivers a fully loaded response. It’s lean, mean and crucially possesses a cutting edge sound engine to back it up with.

With 12 voices, 3 oscillators, a plethora of LFOs and envelopes I wasn’t left wanting. But with that highly resonant filter and 10 slot mod matrix, there’s so much more that can be achieved that it’s staggering. However, staggered I was when I heard the reverb… lush man. Seriously people, it ain’t the size of your synth, it’s what you do with it!

Major Mojo

Joking aside, Mojo was just the thing for me to create whilst trying to rediscover my err… Mojo. My take on the Micromonsta 2 was to play and play, explore and have some fun again. Naturally thick basses are abound with Micromonsta 2, but lifting up the hood in search of sonic abstractions revealed a treasure trove of sonic delights. Here’s a few:

  • “Berlin Bass” – just in time for some Top Gun tune renditions, 
  • “Banged UP” – bring on the sub bass,
  • “Aniseed” – gives it some acid,
  • “Space Gods” – mysterious and, well spacey,
  • “Opera 2.0” – real emotive timbres,
  • “Okinawa Pluck” – If plucks could be bottled…
  • “Cinihorror” – well y’know…!


But to me it was the leads that had me surprised the most. Turn down the smudge and drive (all good mind) and MM2 lets out some seriously legit trance arps and leads. Searching for that JP-8X8X sound. This has it, and then some.

I don’t usually do genre specific banks for a reason, I keep going off on tangents when I find new things. Good or bad, you decide, but Audiothingies have made a superb sonic playground. It’s portable and can be powered by USB. Whilst they’re tough to get hold of as they’re built in small batches, it’s probably one of the best bang for buck synths out there at the moment. Oh and it’s made of metal.

NB: The bank is officially 50, but as a bonus there’s another 50 free. Get in!


All recorded with an RME UFX @24bit 44.1khz using Logic Pro-X. MM2 volume was at max. No saucy effects, EQ or compression were harmed in it’s making.

Whilst the Micromonsta 2 can play 2 patches in “Combi” mode, I didn’t use this feature due to unison/polyphony requirements with the sounds. Hope that’s all good.


  • 50 patches + 50 extra,
  • Bangin’ Basses,
  • Legit Leads,
  • Abstract soundscapes,
  • “Moar Mojo”.

Patch List

  1. Ceasefire
  2. NRG Flow
  3. Ukraine
  4. Chamber Strings
  5. ToyBox
  6. Stretcher
  7. Parasols
  8. Therapy
  9. Zircon
  10. SunLange
  11. UK Trance
  12. Aniseed
  13. Fresh Air
  14. Banged UP
  15. Sunbeamz
  16. Monsta Voices
  17. Clangheart
  18. Berlin Bass
  19. Space Gods
  20. Growler
  21. Crystal Keys
  22. Aerosols
  23. Fissures
  24. Okinawa Pluck
  25. Opera 2.0
  26. OP String
  27. Tripoli
  28. Gristle
  29. Astronomica
  30. Aggrava8
  31. Kikstart
  32. MonstaL8
  33. Red Mick
  34. BT Rain
  35. Cinihorror
  36. Ergan
  37. IceBells
  38. Oldfields
  39. MellaStrings
  40. LFO Fun
  41. Pink Haze
  42. Solemnity
  43. Phat Itch
  44. BeckyBee
  45. Friday Luv
  46. MG Quak
  47. Oblast-Z
  48. FFS-Stop
  49. Amazing!
  50. TJ Lazer