Lightning Leads

New Release

A brand new Soundsauca release for the Roland System-1. Lightning Leads goes all in and strikes down some iconic leads, drums, fx and a whole lot more.

Hey everyone, I’m back with some new sounds. The first is Lightning Leads for the Roland System-1. This is a bumper release stacked with patches, featuring 192 presets in total. What’s more some drum samples taken directly from the synth (and used in my demo) are provided.

When creating the Roland System-1 soundset trilogy I was ever conscious I’d left out the core target of the synth. Undoubtedly Roland envisaged it as a bass/lead machine, not so much the more abstract stuff I had come up with. I’d covered the bases (Seismic Bass, Cosmic Arps & Atomic Atmospheres), but leads had been left aside. As it would happen, these sounds have been very successful, with many people pleased that I’d pushed the synth into left field territory.

The genesis for Lightning leads had been bubbling for some time. In fact I’d created many lead sounds way back when, but I wasn’t ready to put it all together. Last year I put my head down and collated all the sounds I had created previously and fine tuned a number of them. As I rediscovered the synth again, I inevitably started to program more! It’s so seductive like that, inviting you to tweak the front panel.

Sounds poured out and as it’s my final outing with the System-1, I put in a whole load of extras that I had left over. Some are experimental, others FX based, but whatever you’re interested in there’s an assortment of goodies to explore.

I hope you enjoy it!