Synth Stories

Loosing my way

Is it a good idea to spill out some of my inner thoughts to the world? Probably not, however I look at it as a bit of self therapy.

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Illustration of Audiothingies Micromonsta 2

Monsta Mojo

Hello fellow synth nerds, long time no waffle! After a small sabbatical Soundsauca is back. And with that, back with a new sound bank for the Audiothingies Micromonsta 2.

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Picture of a Novation Peak

Novation Peak

It’s Peak time, a deep and powerful synth with much to offer. Here I document and explore Peak’s character and capabilities.

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Peak artwork - Rogue States

Summer Update

A summer 2021 update from Soundsauca on swollen batteries, and video render times.

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Cobalt8 close up image

Cobalt8 vs Argon8

Back 2 blue with the Cobalt8, Baltica for the Modal Electronics Cobalt8 is the latest release from the Soundsauca stable. Departing planet Argon, Baltica hones in on more analog sounding textures.

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Image of Modal Argon8 synthesizer

Daydrifta Argon8

Riding the wave of excitement surrounding the recent Modal Electronics Cobalt8 announcement. Soundsauca did what any dedicated but uninformed synth nut would do, create a bank for last year’s hot potato – and a fine one it is at that!

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Illustration of Roland System-8

System-8 Mysticism

After what seems an eternity, my brand new sound bank for the Roland System-8 has arrived. Following a brief encounter with Coronavirus, I continued on my path towards Mysticism.

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