Synth Stories

Image of the Roland System-1 with some bokeh and glow.

Don’t you want me?

Whilst creating Lightning Leads for the System-1 I stumbled on some real gems. “Felix Fix” was one of them. A recreation of the organ from Felix – Don’t you want me? I never thought the System-1 was able to do that organ. I was truly surprised!

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Lightning Leads

A brand new Soundsauca release for the Roland System-1. Lightning Leads goes all in and strikes down some iconic leads, drums, fx and a whole lot more.

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Illustration of Korg Modwave front panel

Modscapes Released!

The Korg Modwave is an exceptional synthesiser. Here Soundsauca cites a journey of endless exploration, deep learning and fine features.

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Loosing my way

Is it a good idea to spill out some of my inner thoughts to the world? Probably not, however I look at it as a bit of self therapy.

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Illustration of Audiothingies Micromonsta 2

Monsta Mojo

Hello fellow synth nerds, long time no waffle! After a small sabbatical Soundsauca is back. And with that, back with a new sound bank for the Audiothingies Micromonsta 2.

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Picture of a Novation Peak

Novation Peak

It’s Peak time, a deep and powerful synth with much to offer. Here I document and explore Peak’s character and capabilities.

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Peak artwork - Rogue States

Summer Update

A summer 2021 update from Soundsauca on swollen batteries, and video render times.

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