Synth Stories

Illustration of Roland System-8

System-8 Mysticism

After what seems an eternity, my brand new sound bank for the Roland System-8 has arrived. Following a brief encounter with Coronavirus, I continued on my path towards Mysticism.

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Illustration of the Coronavirus

My Coronavirus update

A summer 2020 update from Soundsauca, on the state of play, sailing the seven seas, catching coronavirus and upcoming plans.

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Korg Monologue in the sun

Monospace Monologue

From log jams to fatty acid. Thick and dry with a lot of stick. The Korg Monologue is one dirty little mono-synth.

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Roland SH-32 Illustration Thumbnail

Shapeshifta SH-32

It’s time to give the cute little Roland SH-32 from 2002 a fresh coat of sonic paint!

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