Monsta Mojo

Hello fellow synth nerds, long time no waffle! After a small sabbatical Soundsauca is back. And with that, back with a new sound bank for the Audiothingies Micromonsta 2.

Illustration of Audiothingies Micromonsta 2

A lesser known mini synthesizer, the Micromonsta 2 is an awesomely capable micro synth. What it looses in size, it makes up for in sound. It truly is an amazing synth at any price, let alone for what it goes for. Getting hold of one may be the only catch though…

In Mojo you’ll find over 50 saturated basses & leads, melancholic EPs, poignant atmospheres and all manor of abstract pads & effects. As usual, there’s something for everyone here.

On the surface the bank is leaner than most, but it actually includes 100 sounds in total. I had various issues with video rendering which I won’t bang on about. Regardless, I poured my heart and soul into this release and really wanted to show some of what’s possible with MM2. Do I think I’ve scratched the surface? Barely, but I like that in a synth. There’s always more to do.

I hope you enjoy this release and your support is gratefully appreciated in these difficult times. 

Best, Michael