Sound Sauce

Soundsauca is the online pseudonym of Michael Otton, a UK based Sound Designer with a passion for all things synth.

I created Soundsauca because I love sound design. Since my teenage years when I first got my hands on a synthesiser, I’ve never stopped exploring the audible landscape possible with these machines. Over the years I have created many patches for synths. But many were used for a particular purpose, others were made just for fun. Some of them were forgotten about or needed work to be completely finished. I decided what a great idea it would be great to spend some time curating these sounds.

What started out as an organisational task, grew into a desire to present these sounds in my own way. As a result, I set out to design and build this website to host them. Alongside, I created new sounds to compliment my archive. You can listen to my sound sets here.

I grew up in the digital age of the late 80’s and 90’s but I’ve owned or played my fair share of analog gear over the years. Like others into production and music tech these days, I also have a computer stuffed full of plugins. These tools give an awesome range of options (sometimes too many), but I still clung on to most of my hardware. I’ve always thought that there’s something special about their sound. Their physical interface also influences the sound generation process in subtle ways. I’ve started this sound design project with hardware synths in mind, but may branch out with plugins too at some point.

I’ve tried hard to make the website a useful resource for the synths I create sounds for. In the future I hope to expand my range of patches with newer ones too. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the synthesisers in question, or any other related query. Thank you.

Soundsauca – Scintillating sound design.