Scintillating Sounds

Soundsauca sound design offers original sound banks and patches for an ever growing selection of hardware and software synthesisers.

Drawing from a lifetime love affair with programming synthesisers I offer an ever expanding selection of synth presets. These range from useful and playable sounds, to more diverse experimental and exotic soundscapes, all at a reasonable cost. At present, I have created eleven patch banks for the:

  • Roland JD-990, Roland System-1, Roland System-8, Roland SH-32
  • Korg Modwave, Korg Monologue
  • Modal Argon8, Modal Cobalt8
  • Novation Peak, Novation Mininova / Ultranova
  • Audiothingies Micromonsta 2

To find out more or to listen to my synth presets, please click on the link below to listen to the currently available Sound banks.

Image of Michael (Soundsauca)
Michael (Soundsauca)

FREE Bank!

Another free bank, this time for the Modal Electronics Cobalt 8. Baltica serves up an extended concoction of 100 analog entwined pads, retro leads, old school stabs and ethereal effects.
Image of Modal Cobalt8 bank Baltica

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Bundle Offer

The 3 sound banks for the Roland System-1 are now available together at a reduced bundle price. This includes Atomic Atmospheres, Cosmic Arps and Seismic Bass.

Roland System-1 Bundle image

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